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South Bend

  The South Bend Bait Company began from humble beginnings in the home of F.G. Worden. Mr. Worden eventually found success with several of his inventions and had them patented in the early 1900s. This led to his business being purchased by several entrepreneurs. In 1909, the South Bend Bait Company was formed. Below are some of South Bend's most interesting boxes.  
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Rare will not begin to describe this box. It is one of two known examples and probably the first to house a South Bend bait. I have since upgraded the minnow but left this one with the box as they have been together for 100 years.
This early maroon box is very rare. I know of about 6 examples of this 1910ish package. This one houses a beautiful three hook shallow cupped minnow. A similar example sold at Lang's Auction in April 2006 for $7,500.
This bait can be traced to the last six months of 1915, as it was the only time this lure was known as the wobbler. Starting in 1916, it became South Bend's most famous bait -- the Bass-Oreno. This box is the holy grail for Bass-Oreno collectors. This was one the of hardest lure boxes for me to acquire.
This 1920s decoy is the only one South Bend ever offered. I know of about 8 examples of this wonderful decoy. All are in this color: red head and aluminum body. Truly a piece of fishing history. One recently sold at auction for $6,000.
Merry Christmas from South Bend. This 1918 six pack is one of 2 that I am aware of in collector's hands. A great marketing idea, but I wonder how many people in 1918 could afford to buy six lures at once. Maybe the Christmas gift of a lifetime!
The fish-oreno was one of South Bend's most popular baits. As such, the baits are easily obtainable. The six pack box, on the other hand, is one of only a handful of examples. I am always looking for other six pack boxes for this collection.
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