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Jason Michaels by occupation is a successful restaurateur. He also dabbles in land management. However, his real focus is collecting and preserving antique fishing lures and Pennsylvania hunting and fishing licenses. Jason was blessed to be born into a family that values the outdoors. This love of hunting and fishing has passed from one generation to the next. He is sure to instill this into his 3 sons. He resides in Mercer, Pa with his wife Christin and their sons.

At the young age of sixteen, Jason quit collecting baseball cards (his collection still includes 800,000 cards) and began combing the flea markets for fishing lures and reels. In Jason’s words,” I was very fortunate when I first starting collecting because I was young and broke. My purchases were often $5 Creek Chub pikie minnows that I cherished. These humble beginnings allowed me to study the few baits I acquired in great detail. It made me a better collector.”

In 1989, Jason joined the *National Fishing Lure Collectors Club and started attending antique fishing lure shows. These proved to be a wealth of information. Many long-time collectors, that have since passed away, shared great knowledge and tidbits of information with him. About this time, Jason also started to focus on collecting vintage Pennsylvania hunting and fishing licenses. In 1992, Jason took a job at a pizza shop to help pay for college (and buy lures) and this became his chosen career path. Fortunately, Jason’s business has been highly successful and has enabled him to purchase many fine lures and licenses.

He is always interested in purchasing lures and licenses for this collection. He is also willing to help with values and general information about these items.
Please contact him at

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