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Information on the complimentary fishing license is vague. I was unable to document any printed information from the PA Fish Commission on these licenses. I have seen these licenses from 1936 to 1946. I have never seen a license with a number above 50. As such, these licenses are rare and valuable. Most collectors have shyed away from these licenses as they are nearly impossible to acquire. These licenses were reserved for people of importance. I have seen licenses that were issued to a US Senator from New York and another that was issued to the head of the US Bureau of Fisheries which later became the US Fish and Wildlife Services. I also heard of a 1946 that was issued to President Truman. BEWARE of reproductions. I have seen several. Expect to pay $700 - $3000 for these licenses in near mint condition if you could ever find them.

STILL need 1940, 1943, and 1944 to complete this set.

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1936 Complimentary
1937 Complimentary
1938 Complimentary
1939 Complimentary
1941 Complimentary
1942 Complimentary
1945 Complimentary
1946 Complimentary  

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