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The first antlerless deer licenses were issued in 1951. In select years, prior to that, they were called special deer licenses or female deer licenses. Every year since 1951, besides 1954 and 1956, there has been an antlerless doe season. 66 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties have had a doe license since then. Philadelphia county has only had a doe license since 1988. The early 1950s doe licenses can be scarce, as hunting antlerless deer did not sit well with all the sportsmen at that time. Also the 1953 doe licenses seem to be the hardest to find because of the Korean War. Certain counties had low issue numbers and therefore command more value. Early 1950s licenses from Delaware, Greene, Beaver, Allegheny, Lehigh, and Montgomery are rare licenses. On the other hand, licenses from counties where there were many camps often have minimal value. Counties that include Elk, Forest, Warren, Jefferson, Potter, McKean, and Clearfield. For example, a 1951 Beaver county may be worth $400. A 1951 Potter may bring $10.

The number on the license also plays an important role. The same 1951 Potter that brings $10 could bring $250 if it is a number 1. Collectors are always searching for the lowest numbers available. Many collectors put together sets of two and three digit licenses for the challenge. For example, a collector might put together a set of doe licenses from Potter county that all contain just double digits. Keep in mind the lower the number, the higher the price.

In 2003, the countywide antlerless doe licenses were abandoned and 22 Wildlife Management Units (WMU) were established across the state.

I am in need of 12 antlerless licenses to complete my set of doe licenses for the entire state; Every year, every county since 1951. SEE LIST.

I will pay what it takes to purchase licenses on this list.

Values vary greatly on these licenses based on county of issue.

  • 1951 $10-500
  • 1952 $10-400
  • 1953 $50-500
  • 1955-1959 $8-150
  • 1960s $3-50
  • 1970s $2-35
  • 1980s $1-10
  • 1990s $1-5
  • 2000s $1-5
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1951 Antlerless Doe License
1952 Antlerless Doe License
1953 Antlerless Doe License
1955 Antlerless Doe License
1957 Antlerless Doe License
1958 Antlerless Doe License
1959 Antlerless Doe License
1960 Antlerless Doe License
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